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Hole 1 – For the first hole, P1 (the wolf) hits a decent tee shot, but elects to wait for a partner. P2 hits a ball in the woods, but after P3 hits one down the center, P1 selects P3 to be his partner. The best ball of P2 and P4 is a bogey, which loses to the par the wolf and his partner shoot on the hole. P1 and P3 receive a point.

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If P1 went Blind Lone Wolf, and shot the lowest score they would gain 12: P1: +12. P2: -4. P3: -4. P4: -4. THE HAMMER: At the beggining of each hole, the hammer can be thrown by anyone at anytime. Once the hammer has been thrown, the team that threw the hammer has doubled the bet. The opposing team has 3 options. Take: this will +1 to the double.

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The Basic Structure of Wolf Hammer: In four-man Wolf Hammer, going blind lone wolf (before anyone has teed off), multiplies every bet (the hole and all the junk, which is spelled out below) by four. Going solo after you hit, multiplies everything by three. Going alone after everyone else hits, multiplies everything by two.

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I made a Googlesheet to keep score in Wolf Hammer if anyone is interested Edit: Probably should've pointed out in the title that this is meant to be printed and taken with you to the course to help keep track of what all the different bets are and the progress of the winnings/debt.

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If the Wolf and their partner win the hole, they each receive 2 points. If the non-Wolf partners win the hole, they each receive 3 points. If the Lone Wolf beats all the other players (shoots the lowest NET score), he/she receives 4 points. If another player beats the Lone Wolf on a hole, all players - except the Lone Wolf - receive 1 point.

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Players alternate being the Wolf, based on this order. Player 1 is the Wolf on holes 1, 5, 9, 13. Player 2 is the Wolf on holes 2, 6, 10, 14, etc. Players decide who will be the Wolf on holes 17 and 18. Typically, it is the last place player, so they have an opportunity to gamble to win more points.

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At any time during the hole, a player can Hammer (or press) the hole. If accepted, the hole is worth double, and if conceded, the player who hammered wins the skin regardless of the final scores. A player cannot hammer two times in a row on a given hole, but players can hammer back any number of times. Skins are accumulated throughout the round ...