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Soccer Rules & Guidelines. 2021-2022 UIL Rule Changes & Amendments. School Sponsored Camps. 6A Concussion Reporting Instructions - ALL SPORTS. Soccer Plan (Constitution & Contest Rules) 2021-22 NFHS Soccer Rule Changes. NFHS Soccer and Rules Information. UIL Coaching Requirements. NFHS Recommendations for Hydration.

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Example: during the bi-district game, a student receives a red card (5 points). Ruling: Player sits out the area playoff game. During the regional semi-final game, the referee gives the same player another red card (5 points). Player now has 10 playoff card points and must sit out the next two games (regional final and state se-final).

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It is most important that each UIL member school stay current with all athletic rules and policies. This page contains sport specific rule and season information for soccer. For additional information on UIL rules, refer to the policy section or the manuals section of our web site. Soccer News

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Before, any foul that stopped a goal-scoring opportunity could be a red card. But now it’s only a red card if the referee judges the foul to be deliberate. So, any deliberate foul to stop a goal-scoring opportunity will be an automatic red card. 5. Offensive and abusive behavior. It’s a red card in soccer for offensive and abusive behavior.

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UIL Soccer Webpage. Section 1270: SOCCER PLAN (a) ATHLETIC PURPOSES, CODES, PLAN APPLICABLE. Rules in Sections 1200-1209 also apply to the Soccer Plan. (b) DIVISIONS. There shall be three divisions for high school boys and three divisions for high school girls, in Conferences 4A, 5A and 6A only. (c) DATES FOR PRACTICE AND GAMES.

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A red card in soccer means that a player must leave the soccer field with immediate effect. When the referee shows a red card to a player in soccer, it means that the player has committed an offense serious enough that they must immediately leave the field and cannot return for the rest of the game.

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scored anyway) is now unsporting conduct and a caution (yellow card). Previously, this was a disqualification (red card). 12-8-2d(2): A successful attempt to deny an opponent an obvious goal-scoring opportunity by a foul (goal is not scored) is still serious foul play and a disqualification (red card).


to an unnecessary delay (administrative yellow card) with the escalation of a second unnecessary delay (administrative red card) if not submitted by the end of the timed prematch warmup or interval.