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The 2 best at it, both legitimate 4.5's in anyone's book, have lefty forehands as good as their rightie forehands. However, after hitting for over 3 years with lefty forehand, when in a real tournament, still use rightie backhand to keep their ratings. When playing for fun, both use lefty forehands and 2hbh lefty.

‘King of forehands’: Tennis world goes wild over 12yo ...

The tennis world has been stunned by the skills of a 12-year-old whose technique is expected to change the future of the sport if he produces the same level of playing after entering the professional arena. Footage of talented youngster Teodor Davidov lit up the internet after he demonstrated his rarely seen strategy of hitting forehands on both sides, completely ignoring the traditional backhand.

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There’s one professional tennis player that would apply to this question, or at least that I’ve heard of. His name is Cheong-Eui Kim and he’s ambidextrous. He has a true one-handed forehand on both sides. Kim also serves either right or left handed. Drives his opponents batty.

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Both are french. While it is sporadic, it is not unknown for people to hit forehands on both sides. They do this by switching the racket from left hand to right and vice versa. One of the best-known players to hit forehands on both sides (switching hands) is the Korean Cheong-Eui Kim. In 2015 he reached #296 in the ATP singles rankings.

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can an ambidextrous person play forehand on both sides. Yes if they want to. They can also play a backhand both sides if that works better. holy shit. the possibilities are endless. There's actually a pretty good #1 at a highschool by me that does this, it's kind of incredible to watch.

Ambidextrous 12-Year-Old Tennis Player With Two Forehands ...

"To have two forehands and to hit them both this well is amazing," tennis commentator Blair Henley said. "To be a true switch hitter on the serve is next level. He's in the 12s?!"

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Monica Seles was not only talented for hitting with two hands on both sides, but she also created unprecedented angles on the court, which seemed impossible due to the nature of her rally shots.