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Ice hockey is a contact winter team sport played on ice skates, usually on a rink. Two opposing teams, typically fielding six skaters each, use sticks to shoot a vulcanized rubber puck into the other team's goal; the winner is the team to score most goals. In Canada, the United States, and some European countries the sport is known simply as ...

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Meeting ice hockey rules one should learn ice hockey rink terms, lines, zones etc. ConceptDraw DIAGRAM is an advanced drawing software that allows you produce ice hockey rink depiction of any complexity, from simple sketch drawing to detailed one as on example below.

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Formation of Offensive – Tactical Principles | Elite Hockey ...

Formation of Offensive – Tactical Principles. As previously mentioned in another section of this site, hockey tactics, systems and strategies are based on two fundamental concepts; score and do not be scored against. With today’s fast paced game being showcased within the NHL, over the next few years roles of players will evolve into 5 man tactical strategies with offensive roles being identified as F1, F2, F3, F4 and F5 with defensive roles being identified as D1, D2, D3, D4 and D5.

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Let players be creative within a structured offensive framework. I’ve mentioned a number of times that I like to give players set positions and responsibilities in the defensive zone. This helps keep players accountable when breakdowns occur (it’s easier to pinpoint the problem and say “why wasn’t the “sagman” in the low slot ...

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This is one of the more common penalty kill systems. It requires the penalty killers to be passive and allow the team on the power play to carry the puck out from behind their own net. This diagram shows a standard power play breakout with the defense carrying the puck out from behind the net in the middle of the ice. K1 attacks P1 from an angle and forces P1 to make a pass to P2. K2 ...

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Box Formation. A box formation in hockey is when a defending or offensive team is in a formation that resembles a box. This is common on the penalty kill where there are two players up high and two players down low. This formation can also be used for an offensive team when they are on the power play.

Ice Hockey Positions: Skills, Roles & Responsibilities Explained

Hockey Goalie Skills. In addition to making saves, ice hockey goalies possess many skills which include skating, rebound control, ability to fill space, cut down the angle to the shooter, stopping dump-ins, making breakout passes and helping direct teammates see the play behind them as a visionary on the ice.

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1- goalkeeper. Explanation: When explaining a formation in hockey the first number represents the number of attacks, the second is the midfielder’s, the third is the defense, and sometimes a fourth number is used if the system involves a sweeper. The 3-3-3-1-1 system is one of the most popular is field hockey.

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Search over 50 animated ice hockey systems, a perfect tool for hockey coaches of all ages. Power plays, penalty kills, forechecking systems, etc...