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An in depth analysis of Beach Volleyball Blocking Calls (hand signals) for beginners AND pro-level players. In this MCK Volleyball tutorial we explain the pr...

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Beach volleyball hand signals block signs that players use to indicate to their partners which part of the court they are going to block. These calls are important because there are many defensive areas where one player is blocking in the net and another player defends the attack behind the blocker. The player defending in the net signals the blocking call by placing his fingers behind his back. for a partner to see before the ball is served.

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Blocking in beach is a one-on-one battle. And I am here for it. But blocking isn’t just about getting the stuff and impending “Moooooonster Block!” moment. It’s not even about touching the ball. It’s about running your defensive strategy and cutting off your opponent’s angles. This is where the blocking calls come into play.

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Beach volleyball hand signals are for calling blocking and serving. Like most things in ...

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Beach Volleyball Hand Signals

Signaling one finger with your left hand means you're going to block line on the right side hitter. Signaling one finger with your right hand means you're going to block line on the left side hitter. Likewise, signaling two fingers means you're going to block angle. A fist means you aren't planning to block.

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Rules of Beach Volleyball for Doubles and Triples: A blocking contact iscounted as a team hit. The blocking team has two more contacts to return the ball after a blocking contact. Multiple blocking contacts made duringa single blocking action are legal and only count as one team hit.

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Flashing three fingers, I will make a dive block towards the line. The strategy is to bait my opponent into thinking line is open for a hard swing, but I dive into the line last minute and clamp down for a block. 4-This blocking strategy is the opposite of the three call. I flash four fingers, show angle early, and then dive block into the angle.